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ID46 Transponder Chip for Citroen 10pcs/lot

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Product Description

ID46 Transponder Chip for Citroen, packed with 10 piece of Citroen ID46 Transponder Chip.

ID46 Transponder Chip for Citroen 10pcs/lot

Package List:

10pcs*Citroen ID46 Transponder Chip

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

Q: HiThis chip ready for initialization to BSI?Or competition in password mode is required?Thanks.
A: Can you tell me what you mean? It is just chip for SA24, don't need to install it.

Q: I mean that this chip may be use in password mode or encrypt mode. For Citroen car this chip mast be in password mode.That mode in this lot?
A:I have asked my engineer, he told me that SA24 can be used  both on password mode and encrypt mode.

Q: Hi.Ok. It means, what this chip not configure and before using, this chip must be configure in password mode?Thanks.
A:No, this chip can be used in password mode, and also can be used on encrypt mode, i have asked the chip supplier.

Q: Hi.What is LCK?And in addition.How match shipping to Belarus? Thanks.

A: LCK means lock.The unit price for SA24 is 43USD,free shipping by regular airmail. The unit price for SA06 is 39USD, also free shipping by regular airmail. Delivery usually needs 7-15 working days.

Q: So. Can you ask your engineer: What I should to do for use SA24 in CITROEN Car?
A: My engineer just knows what is used for. If you don't know how to use it, you can not buy it, because we are not beside you, we can not teach you what to do steps by steps, it is not very easy to do so. Please understand.Customers just will ask if this chip can be used on their car. Don't ask us how to use this steps by steps.

Q: Hi.:D.OK. I know this procedure step by step. But this procedure require CITROEN dealer key. If SA24 insert to key it will be full analog of a dealer key?Thanks.
A: I have asked, my engineer told me that it doesn't need dealer key when you use the SA24 on citroen cars.

Q:Hi.You don’t understand me!For example: I need one more key for my car.  I go to the dealer of Citroen and I buy from it a key. Then I connect Lexia and I register a key in the car.Having bought your SA24 I having only Lexia I can register this SA24 in the car?Thanks.
A: Sorry, maybe i don't understand you really.You mean if you don't have any key, just have SA24, if it can do new keys for your car, and don't need dealer key when you make keys, right?Sorry, because i don't know how to use it, i should confirm it with you.

Q: Yes.From the manufacturer the chip arrives the cleared. For use in the car Citroen this chip should be configure in password mode for Citroen car. After this chip insert to key and registers key in car by Lexia. 
I know how registers key in car, but I don’t know how chip configure in password mode for Citroen car.
On it I want to buy chips which can be inserted into keys and to register in Citroen the car, having passed procedure of a configuration of the chip.
 PS do you speak Russian?Thanks.

A: I have asked my engineer for your problem, he told me that if you have dealer key, you can use the T300 or lexia-3 to do SA24. If you don't have dealer key, you should use ICC to caculate the dealer key.

Q: Hi.Now I have understood all.You meant a dealer key as PIN code, and I meant a dealer key as plastic, a sting and the chip in plastic. And having PIN a code, key with SA24 in plastic and Lexia-3 I can register a key in the Citroen car?Thanks.
A: Thank you for your question to let me know many things. Can you send picture to show me what is the dealer key you mean? Sorry, i still don't know.


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