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A1 GPS Head Up Display

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Product Description

This product is for drivers’ safety, at high speeds, especially in high-speed driving at night, in order to avoid the driver to look down their head to watch the instrument, and decrease car accident. HUD is in extremely critical moment reflects its delicate care. HUD can project the important information displayed by the instrument (such as speed) onto the windshield, it can not only to help determine the speed of inexperienced novice to control their speed and avoid many of the speed limit road due to speeding violation. More importantly, it enables the driver instantly read the number in great vision and always make drivers eyes on the road in clear mind.

A1 GPS Head Up Display

Apply for all cars in the world

Display information :Vehicle speed, real time,over speed alarm, compass,altitude, auto sleeping mode.
Above functions are projected on the windshield to remind driver to be safe.

Smart Display Function

After vehicle stop for 10s, HUD automatically switch to satellite time status, and when vehicle start, HUD automatically switch to the vehicle speed state.

Installation of HUD:
For HUD:

1.Place HUD on the proper position of wind instrument panel, then plug car charger into the cigarette lighter inside, and connect HUD with the USB interface.
2.In the instant energized, the LED of the host will be fully lit, and then give out a "tick", the host back to sleeping mode, while the satellite signal icon starts blinking. Host automatically search the satellite signal status, after a few seconds,the host will search one satellite signal,the clock will be displayed in the host window. Upon receipt of a successful satellite positioning,satellite icon lights off, while the satellite signal strength indicator signal lights size.
For reflection film:

Please stick the reflection film on the windscreen.Please note: Do not use the reflective film before checking the HUD host installation location, to avoid wasting of reflection film.

Main display function

①: Vehicle speed,real time,compass,altitude
② :Function Settings icon:set the sensitivity of auto sleeping mode
③:Over speed icon: when speed is over the setting value, the icon will flick.
④ :Mute icon:set do no disturb, the icon will flick.
⑤ :Satellite signal indicator:in search of the satellite signal, the icon will flick.
⑥ :Compass: there are eight directions.
⑦ :Altitudeicon: the unit is “m”
⑧ :MPH: mile per hour
⑨:KM: Kilometer per hour
⑩ :Satellite signal - the green light is on, the more the lights, the stronger the satellite signal.

Host Interface Button Appearance

Host Interface Button Appearance

 Menu button:
A. Each press means switch, the sequence is: vehicle speed - real time - compass- auto sleeping setting - Altitude display
B. After long press the menu button over 5s, the unit of vehicle speed will switch to MPH
C. Speed increase/decrease setting
(1)The default value of over speed limit is 60KM/H. Every time press the menu button, the speed limit will increase 5km, Maximum speed limit is 200KM/H.
(2)When speed is over, the buzzer give out "didi tick". Continuously remind 5 times, no more reminders, but the speed indicator will continue to flash.
(3)Every time press the menu button, you can switch between sound and mute.

Round interface is DC12V power input socket interface, HUD provides the interface to facilitate drivers to use the car 12V power.
Mini USB interface: this interface can use the supplied car charger to power the HUD.
Vehicle speed display mode:


Displays the current speed of 125 km / h, compass is NW, speed has exceeded the speed limit alarm setting, speed alarm icon flashing, display speed alarm sound has been closed, received effective 10 satellite positioning signals.

Real time mode:

Press Menu button can access to real time mode,then press ∧ or ∨,can show the real time minutes and seconds, which is easy for driver to correct the real time

The real time is twenty-two to ten p.m. ,compass is NE, receiving effective 10 satellite positioning signals.

Current shows minutes and seconds, and above show 58 minutes and 23 seconds, compass is N, receiving effective 8 satellite positioning signals.

Current shows January 23th, compass is S, receiving effective 7 satellite positioning signals.
Compass operation:

Press the Menu key to enter compass status, displays data shown are for the direction of due north direction, while the direction means the current position of the vehicle.

The compass shows NW, 336°is based on due north, receiving effective 9 satellite positioning signals.

Altitude operation:

Press the Menu key to enter the altitude mode, and the height icon is lit, HUD displayed height is calculated by satellite positioning.

Above show the altitude is 2486m, compass is NE, receiving effective 8 satellite positioning signals.

Satellite time zone setting:

Press the Menu key to enter the satellite zone settings, press ∧ or ∨ key to select the time zone,in order to adapt to the clock of the satellite signal. Please select from -16 to +16, a total of 32 time zones.
Over speed alarm setting:

In the speed display mode, directly press the up or down keys to adjust. Every press means five kilometers increased or decreased.

Set the speed limit alarm to 105km.

HUD entering auto sleep parameter setting:

Press the Menu key to enter to HUD auto sleep parameters setting, when entering this function,  the icon will light up, the factory default value is 10.
This parameter values directly affect HUD auto sleeping state, if you often park in relatively quiet place, we recommend that the parameter value is the default value, other environments may be appropriate to increase the value of this parameter set.

Setting auto sleeping parameter to 18

HUD specification as below:

working voltage DC8-18V 
Working current 40mA 
sleeping current 15mA 
Compass precision  ±1°
Speed range 0-400KM 
Real time precision The same as satellite
Satellite positioning time  Cold start: 30s, hot start: 1s 
HUD size 99mm*90mm*23mm 
12V car charger 1000mA,USB cable: 1m 

When HUD cannot in the sleep status
Please check whether the value of the parameter set is too small, the factory default value is 10, it is recommended to increase the value of this parameter.


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