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Ignition Coil Tester

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Product Description

Fast, simple and accurate way to determine the defects in the ignition coils. Automatic distinguishes different ignition coil type by auto switching control modes. Adjustable Frequency control ranging from 120Hz ~ 12 KHz. Safe and fallproof.

Ignition Coil Tester

Applicable on coil-on-plug (COP),coil-near- plug (CNP),double ended coil-on-plug(DECOP) or wasted plug systems.

Simple operation

1.Connect power from 12Volts car battery and the power LED will light up.
2.Insert the yellow banana plug to the yellow socket and connect the cable to the control terminal of the ignition coil.
3.Hook up the spark tester to the ignition coil.
4.Turn ON the frequency knob and adjust the frequency from low to high (clockwise).
5.Turn back to low frequency and observe the spark color which should be bluish purple.
6.Increase the frequency gradually and observe the spark line.
7.It should be in a straight line when NORMAL.If the spark line is curved, it indicates that the coil is aging or there is an internal leakage.
8.Turn to maximum frequency until the coil is slightly warm,then turn down the frequency and observe the spark line,whether it is continuous or intermittent.If arcing sound is heard but no spark indicates that there is internal leakage.
9.Use Ignition Leak Checker to detect the source of the leak

Package Including

- 1x Main Spark generator unit
- 2x Spark Tester
- 2x Extension probes (red & black each one unit)
- 1x Ignition Leak Checker
- 4x Extension cable (red, blue, green & black each one unit)
- 2x Crocodile Clip (red & black one each)
- 4x 3mm Female socket cable
- 2x 5mm Female socket cable
- 1x Carry case
Ignition Coil Tester package
Ignition Coil Tester package
Ignition Coil Tester package


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