Original YHS-787 Digital Process Calibration Multimeter Tester

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Product Description

Original YHS-787 Digital Process Calibration Multimeter Tester is cost-effective device, it combine digital multimeter and loop calibration in one machine but only charge 239.99USD. On the basis of multimeter, it add function as Measurement, output, and analog DC loop current. It has high accuracy, safe and easy to operate.

Original YHS-787 Digital Process Calibration Multimeter Tester

YHS-787 Feature

1. Multimeter and loop calibrator in one tool
2. CAT1000 V safety- rated, true-RMS multimeter
3. Simultaneous mA and % of scale readout
4. 25% Manual Step plus Auto Step and Auto Ramp on mA output.
5. Simultaneous mA and % of scale readout
6. Min/Max/Average/TouchHold/Relative modes
7. Double displayClear LCD with backlight; 4,000 counts (30,000 counts for dc current)
8. Ni – MH  rechargeable  batteries
9. 1000V overload protection on V, ohms, frequency.
10. Precision 1000V, 400 mA digital multimeter
11. Measure ac and dc volts, ac and dc current, resistance, continuity, and frequency
12. 0.1% dc voltage accuracy
13. 0.05% dc current accuracy, 1 A resolution to 30 mA
14. True rms ac voltage measurement to 1 kHz
15. Frequency measurement to 20 kHz
16. Diode test and continuity beeper
17. DC current source/loop calibrator
18. 20 mA current source/simulator


Measurement Function       Range                              Accuracy

DC V                                        0~1000V                           ± (0.03% + 5)
AC V                                         0~700V                             ± (1% + 5)
DC mA                                     0~40mA                            ± (0.05% + 2)
AC mA                                      0~40mA                            ± (0.05% + 2)
DC A                                         0~10A                                ±(0.8% +40)
AC A                                          0~10A                                ±(0.8% +40)
Resistance                              0~40Mω                            ± (0.1% + 6)
Frequency                                0~50KHz                           ± (0.05% + 5)

Diode Test             0 ~ 2.4 V (shows diode voltage drop)  2%+1

Continuity             Beeps for resistance < approx.90 ohms

Measurement Function    Range                      Accuracy

DC mA source                    0~24.000 mA         ± (0.05% + 5)
DC mA Simulate                0~24.000 mA         ± (0.05% + 5)
Loop power supply            28 V                         ± 5%
Battery Type    Rechargeable triple A Ni-MH battery 6X1.2V

Current Adjust mode
Manual: coarse adjustment (1 mA), fine adjustment (0.000mA) and step 25%
Auto: slow smooth ramp, fast smooth ramp, slow smooth rate, fast smooth rate, 25% step

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