How to Register CN900 Key Programmer to Work With Toyota G Chip Cloner Box

We newly release Toyota G Chips Cloner Box Use for CN900,but before using this device onto CN900 key programmer,you need to pay attention to register CN900 ,see below :

 1. download cn900 upgrade tool.on cn900 official website or you can download from our website directly as below

2.G Chips Cloner Box connect to cn900 device ,also cn900 device need to  connect to laptop “cn900 upgrade tool“,search”72G box”,it will appear the serial number of G Chips Cloner Box automatically ,please check and confirm the serial number

find cn900 official website first


choose register cn900-registration-2

download update tool


now it will appear the serial number of  Toyota G Chips Cloner Box on the screen

open “cn900 upgrade tool“,search”72G box”


please check top row serial number and the following line serial number is the same or not,if it is the same means registration is successul,not the same,please try again from the beginning