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2 Thinkcar pro: [ship from us] Original ThinkCar Pro Thinkdiag Mini OBD2 Full System Diagnostic Scanner
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Product Description

1.ThinkCar Pro is a portable, cost-effective automotive troubleshooting tool for DIYers and small workshops.
2.Covered car models: Compatible with all cars after 1996 supporting OBD II protocol.
ThinkCar Pro Mini New Car Diagnostic Tool 15 Reset Service Function Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner 

Thinkcar Pro Features: 

1. Full System Diagnostic: Included for 5 Car Makers for free, 19.95/year for an extra car maker.
    All OBD2 Function: Lifetime Available for all vehicles after 1996.
    15 Reset Services: 19.95/year for one car make
2.Covered car models: Compatible with all cars after 1996 supporting OBD II protocol.
Protocols it supports:
    ISO 14230-4(KWP2000)
    IOS 15765-4(CAN)
    ISO 9141-2(IOS)
    SAEJ 1850(VPW&PWM)
3.Supports multiple languages and displays with the phone system language
Thinkcar multi-languages
4.Supports both Android and ios system.
5.Support bluetooth and update online.
6.Small size strong functions suitable for car diyers,maintenace factories and 4s service station.
thinkcar pro
7.Able to read DTCS by using Godiag GT100 to connect Bosh ECU

Product Description: 
THINKCAR pro is a portable, cost-effective automotive troubleshooting tool for DIYers and small workshops. It consists of a diagnostic connector and an mobile
APP.The connector is connected to the vehicle diagnostic base and communicate wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, enabling the installation
of App and diagnostic software in smart terminals for automotive diagnostics.ThinkCar pro offers professional diagnostic Diagnostic report is automatically
generated to clearlyunderstand malfunctions of the vehicle.You can also share the report to the community, facebook, twitter, to facilitate sharing and discussion
with friends.

Function introduction: 
Full System Diagnose
With superior all systems diagnostics, this multipurpose obd2 scanner can be used to read all available systems ECU information to facilitate the vehicle diagnosis.
The complete systems vary from different cars and they usually include engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, SAS, TPMS, EPB and chassis / body / electrical equipment
system etc.

Traditional diagnostics
Supports manual selection of car model software to complete vehicle diagnostics, including reading DTC, clearing DTC, reading data stream, reading version

OBDII&EOBD full functions
●Real-time data, MIL, IM monitors
●Freeze frame data
●Stored DTCs
●Clear DTCs
●O2 monitoring tests
●Test results for continuously and non-continuously monitored systems
●Pending DTCs
●Request control of on-board-system or component
●Request VIN and other data
●Permanent DTCs
thinkcar pro obd2 functions

Supports 15 maintenance RESET functions:
● Oil Lamp Reset Service: allows you to reset for a new calculation of engine oil life system once the oil is changed.
● EPB service: it is important in the maintenance of electronic braking system's safety and efficiency.
● BAT battery service: enables the scan tool to evaluate the battery's state of charge, monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement, and
activate the remaining state of the vehicle.
● DPF service: works especially for Diesel Particle Filter System with DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the
motor control unit.
● SAS service: helps clear the error steering angle sensor reminders and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration.
● TPMS service: Makes sense in displaying sensor IDs from the vehicle's ECU, entering TPMS sensor replacement IDs and testing sensors.
● IMMO Key Programming: The unique auto key programming and reading pin code function, it is mainly to deactivate the lost vehicle key and program a new
replacement key fob.
● ABS bleeding: ABS brake bleeding to get a firm brake pad after air exhaustion after repairing ABS pump system
● Sunroof Reset: The sunroof memory usually needs to be reset when the vehicle's battery is replaced or the car dies
● Suspension Reset: try to reset electronic suspension air ride with the massage system close all doors koyo flip through message system go to suspension reset
or to off
● Gear Reset: Procedure Reset Transmission Adaptive Learning DIY. Start the car and stick. Once you perform these procedures the Motor Control Unit (ECU) and
Transmission Control Unit (TCU) work together to learn how you can drive by monitoring your driving pattern. After you follow this programming method of the
TCU / ECU drive the car.
● AFS Headlight Reset: 'AFS' means Adaptive Front Lighting System (at night with Bi-Xenon Headlights) it turns either side, pressing that button means you stay
pointing straight ahead and don't turn when you turn the steering wheel
● Injector Coding: Leaking injectors and some dead injectors can be missed even if an injector is disabled. Other problems with the ignition system and mechanical
components also may not show a rpm loss when injector is turned off
● Throttle Adjustment : The throttle body is a tube with a swiveling flat valve (butterfly) used to control the amount of air entering a motor. In an electronically
fuel injected car, a throttle position sensor and airflow sensor communicate with the computer, which delivers the appropriate amount of fuel needed to the injectors.
It need to re-learn gas sensor position after erasing or repairing
● Gear Learning: The scan tool monitors certain camshaft position sensors signals to determine when all conditions are met in order to continue with the process
for engine running

Technical Service Support
We can provide consulting services and repair assistance for common car failures. We combine industry knowledge to provide customers with high-quality products and
maintenance solutions to benefit our customers. Professional, Efficiency and Quality is always our mission.

Vehicle Coverage: 
Please contact customer service for detailed models
Covering most models in the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific regions.
Ford Europe、Mercedes Sprinter、MINI、Seat、Audi、GMSA、Fiat、Opel、GAZ、Peugeot、 Volkswagen、Citroen、Skoda、 Porsche、 Rover、 Land Rover、
Volvo、 VAZ、Renault、Smart、 Mercedes-Benz、 Jaguar、Dacia、Lancia、BMW、Romeo、Saab
America(USA) :
Asia Pacific region:
Isuzu Thailand、Acura、Daewoo、Jianghuai(GM)、SsangYong、Infiniti、Proton、Honda、Mazda、PERODUA、Jiangling Auto、MAHINDRA、Isuzu、Suzuki、
BYD、Nissan、Chery、Toyota、Zhongshu, Kia、GreatWall、DAIHATSU、Changan、Geely、Xiamen Jinlong, ZX Auto、Hafei Auto、Xinkai Auto、 Gonow、
Changhe、Hyundai、Liuzhou Wuling、Subaru、Xiali、AUFord、Mitsubishi、TATA、Zotye、 Horton、MARUTI、Lexus.

How to decide to choose Thinkcar Pro or Thinkcar 2: 

Thinkcar pro better choice for maintenance factories.
It includes 5 free softwares.Customer can both choose software for one car brand or software for one special function.If customer choose one car brand, then
all functions factory has released for this car brand is available.If customer choose one special function, then all car models that are supported are available.
Thinkcar 2 is better choice for car owners. 
It includes both obd2 functions and special functions for one car. Device can only works on one car when customer connects and reads vin code of the car.
After purchasing, all functions factory has released for this car will be available.For new customers,you can have three car vins.

How to User Thinkdiag Mini Thinkcar Pro?
Android: 5.0 and above
iOS: 9.0 and above

1. Download and install the APK ”ThinkDiag Mini” in Google Play or iOS App Store to your device;
2. Register and log in the THINKDIAG Mini;
3. Get one free car software through ThinkDiag Mall after binding serial number for the first time;
4. Plug the ThinkDiag Mini dongle into the vehicle’s 16pin OBD2 Data Link Connector;
5. Turn on the vehicle ignition while turn the engine off;
6. Tap Me/Setting button of your device to bluetooth pair the ThinkDiag Mini with your device;
7. Start to diagnose your car.

ThinkCar Store 
Thinkcar pro charging method:
1. Model software: US$19.95 each, 1 year duration
2. Maintenance service software: $19.95 each, 1 year duration
New user purchases, free 1 model software, available for 1 year.
Now we are engaged in activities, and we will give away 5 models of software for new models.
Software purchase method:
1. Download "ThinkCar pro" software from Google Mall or Apple App Store to install
2. Insert the connector into the vehicle obd interface
3. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone and connect the connector in the app
4. In the mall, select the software you need, choose to add a shopping cart or buy 

5. Choose the payment method. Currently, bank card and Tcde payment methods are supported (Tcade payment is the official payment code of Star Card.
You need to go to the official website to purchase. After purchase, you will get a 12-digit number, and then enter it when you pay. Deductible cash)
6. All users can participate in official activities, or earn points through sharing, etc., points can be used to deduct the purchase of diagnostic software,
1 point = 1 USD

Package includes:
1pc x ThinkCar pro

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Thinkcar pro works on gt100

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